Stupid Stuff

The building industry never ceases to amuse us with its colorful characters and creative solutions. The following is our collection of images and videos that have crossed our path. Enjoy!

Construction Marvels & Blunders

Optimal Bracing Placement

You don't mind this large brace through the middle of your dining room, do you?

Oh you didn't want that brace there?

Living on the Edge


How on earth?

Between a rock...


...and a hard place.

Client Requests

Respect your client's requests

"The first thing you've got to remember is that it's your clients' money you're spending. Your goal is to achieve the best results by following their wishes. If they want you to build a house upside down standing on its chimney, it's up to you to do it." - Richard Morris Hunt, Founding member of American Institute of Architects

Jobsite Safety

Inadequate Restraint

Who needs safety gear?

Who needs a welding shield?

Into the mixer

fall protection

High end fall protection.

Want me to turn it on?

ladder safety

When one ladder just won't do.

Fall protection?

Fall protection

We don't need no stinking fall protection!

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Completing the circut

Walking the bar

Walking the bar

Who needs bar caps?

Advanced Technology

Asbestos: The Magic Material

The magic of asbestos!

Its amazing to think of things in the past were considered wondrous inventions, only to be found to be dangerous or environmentally damaging in the not too distant future.

Stops Rust In it's Tracks


New and improved cordless hose

Home Depot Releases New Bluetooth Cordless Hose

Prevents nasty tangles for smooth flow!

Redneck hot tub

Redneck hot tub
Redneck hot tub

Redneck Grill


First Cousin to the Redneck HotTub: The Redneck Grill

Random Sh*t

All by myself...

Cocnrete Memes

Do you have a moment to spare of Petrographic analysis?

An updated classic

Updated Ironworkers

An updated classic! Notice no one is holding a fifth of whiskey anymore.

The evolution of the office desk

The evolution of the desktop

The transition to the computer age.

Cost estimating

Tell me about your project...

A Dilbert classic

Coming out of Covid

feral engineers

Engineers coming back to work

Carpenter Aunts

Carpenter aunts

The Tape in the Stone

tape in the stone

And become king of all the trades



Loose gravel ahead!