The DeStefano & Chamberlain engineering team has the experience, technical expertise, and ingenuity required to apply advanced technology to the building structures they design.

  • Creative—Innovative solutions are a trademark of DeStefano & Chamberlain projects.
  • Practical—Emphasis is placed on constructability and practicality. Structures designed by DeStefano & Chamberlain are noted for going together smoothly in the field with very few Change Orders.
  • Knowledgeable—The engineers at DeStefano & Chamberlain are not only experts in structural analysis and design, but they also have an in-depth knowledge of related building systems and technologies such as waterproofing, exterior cladding, fire protection and building codes.
  • Attention to Detail—Pride is taken in producing clear, concise, and well coordinated structural drawings and specifications.
  • Sensitive—The engineers at DeStefano & Chamberlain are sensitive to the Architect’s design and their structures serve to uphold the aesthetics of the building as envisioned by the Architect.

“A good structural organism worked out passionately in detail and in general appearance is essential to good architecture.” —Pier Luigi Nervi